At Thunder Struck our goal isn’t just sports. Instead, we focus on cultivating strong, well-rounded student athletes who excel on the court and off — and, more importantly, who have the strength of character, self-confidence and motivation to get ahead in basketball and in life. Not only will this approach help players get noticed, get recruited and earn playing time in middle school, high school and, in many cases, top collegiate programs, but laying this solid foundation will ensure they have the tools they need to tackle anything that comes their way, now and in the future. Our three-step process centers on:

Changing Behaviors
In sports, “your attitude determines your altitude.” To be successful, young players need to have positive, can-do attitudes, and a supreme focus that sets them apart from the rest. Thunder Struck works hard, tackling behavioral and attitude problems from day one. By building a sense of responsibility, a rigorous work ethic, good sportsmanship and humility, we help players understand what it means to be accountable in sports and in life. Behavioral barriers down, these young athletes are poised for success, in the classroom, the court and in their personal lives.

Elevating Academics
Thunder Struck believes academic success must be tied to time on the court, and it’s this “pay-to-play” model that’s inspired countless players to recommit to the classroom. But, often, these young athletes need more than just motivation — they need real, tactical solutions to help them excel or, even, catch up. By working with players, parents, teachers and outside professionals, Thunder Struck develops customized academic assistance program that get young athletes back on track. Whether it’s individual tutoring, test prep work, coaching or a combination of all three, each player is evaluated, assessed and pushed to realize their potential.

Inspiring Athletic Excellence
To assess readiness and on-court potential, college coaches look at a high school players’ athletic ability and try to project what’s next — and that means foundational skills like speed, agility and strength are paramount, as is a solid work ethic and commitment. Through elite team play, practice and core skills training, these young athletes will grow into promising college players. And that means a better future spent in the classroom, on the court and working towards long-term success.