It’s more than just sports
At Thunder Struck Basketball it’s about more than just basketball. Here, young people learn to focus on both personal achievements as well as what they can accomplish together, as part of a team.

Through one-on-one training, coaching and support on the court and off, players gather the building blocks they need to excel, and build a life based on confidence, commitment and a passion to realize their dreams.

By providing access to both academic and behavioral services plus high level team play, Thunder Struck drives players to focus, recommit and achieve. The end result? Improved behaviors, academic success and athletic precision, plus a critical edge that helps countless Thunder Struck players get recruited, earn sports scholarships and, overall, get ahead — not just in high school and college, but in life.

Our mission is simple: no matter a child’s financial, academic, interpersonal or athletic ability, they can find a home here, at Thunder Struck. Visit our website to find out more, and determine if your child is ready to be part of the THUNDER.